Worm Diaries

Here are links to some of our favorite “wormy” posts.

1.  WE’VE GOT WORMS!!!:  Love Lovey Dovey

2.  True Crime:  Ski Mask, Anyone?


4.  The TRUE, True Story of Joe & the Amazing Technicolor Worm Composter

Our Wedding Worm Composter - The Beginning 2014-10-23 045


3 thoughts on “Worm Diaries

  1. I have been having an absolutely wonderful time exploring the worm offerings on your site, and just wanted to thank you for having me. Having been a vermicomposter for close to 20 years now (I started as a student at the University of Saskatchewan), I am always happy to find another person who sees the benefits in composting with worms, and the importance of organic waste reduction in our society today. Nice to meet you and I’ll read you later.

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