The trouble with living in a tourist destination is occasionally you find yourself caught in a tourist trap.  You see a place that looks popular and assume that it is popular for a legitimate reason, a legitimate reason having nothing to do with a badly written travel guide or shamelessly effective mass marketing.

Edward Not-So-Sharp at MoMA 2015-03-14 034

One day, we were wandering around Manhattan when my husband’s blood sugar became dangerously low (i.e., our relationship was going to be on the rocks if I didn’t locate sustenance within the next five minutes.)  It was at that precise moment that we stumbled upon Ess-a-Bagel.  It looked promising.  It looked classic.  There was a line spilling into the street.  Surely, the bagels must be good, right?

We realized our mistake about twenty minutes into the wait as we started eavesdropping on all of the other people in the restaurant, which let’s face it, is what you do when you are married.  My husband looked at me with that terrified and knowing look that a local gives another local when caught in a tourist trap.  We’d experienced places like this before, in Charleston. He leaned in and whispered, “Everyone in here is from out of town.”  But it was too late.  We were committed.  I picked up my camera phone and snapped an absurd picture of the man behind the counter.  If I wasn’t gong to have a decent lunch, at least I would have a decent blog post.

Edward Not-So-Sharp at MoMA 2015-03-14 022 Edward Not-So-Sharp at MoMA 2015-03-14 028 Edward Not-So-Sharp at MoMA 2015-03-14 026

The verdict?  Meh.  Not horrible.  Definitely not worth the hour wait.  I can get better bagels in less than ten minutes near my office.


11 thoughts on “Ess-a-Trap

      1. Ah, I’m on my phone, so I will check when I get home (data, ya know)

        I almost used Lego Admiral A in my post today, but decided not to!

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    1. The bagel wasn’t worth the wait, but this picture of Edward-Not-So-Sharp was totally worth an hour wait. I love the lady in the background. I’ve become totally shameless. His eyes fell off in my bag, but I had the foresight be be carrying a glue gun and found an outlet in a corner. Everyone is ordering bagels, and I am slyly (or not-so-slyly) hot gluing plastic eyes onto a knife. (It should be noted that melting glue has a certain smell; I was quick about it.)

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  1. Real bagel shops hand you a knife with eyes already attached to it, Wormy. Just saying. Ha! I love this post. You and hubby stumbled into the ninth circle of bagel hell. Give me an everything bagel does not mean a guy with a mask like this. Oy.


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