No Business Like Show Business

What did we choose for Edward’s first Broadway musical?  You guessed it!

Edward Not-So-Sharp at Hedwig 2015-03-29 013


John Cameron Mitchell is back.  Mitchell wrote and starred in the original 1998 off-Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch and also directed and starred in the 2001 cult film of the same name.

We tried to get tickets to see the Broadway revival back when Neil Patrick Harris was playing Hedwig and failed.  However, John Cameron Mitchell did not disappoint, even though his left leg was in a soft cast for most of the show.  Mitchell skillfully worked the cast into the dialogue, and it all became part of the joke.  He had an appropriately glittery crutch to go along with it.  However, I could not help but wonder what the musical would have looked like had he been more mobile or had we got those tickets to see Neil Patrick Harris.  I was absolutely shocked to read that Mitchell is fifty-one, because he did not look it.  I was also impressed with Lena Hall’s range as Yitzhak.  (My husband and I had a serious debate after the show as to whether she was a man or a woman.)

Hedwig was more of an impromptu monologue and less of a play, but that somehow made it all the more endearing.  The set was minimalist but they made excellent use of special effects.  The audience was almost as much fun as the cast (pun intended.)  Highly recommended, if you like drag!



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