The Overcoat Fairies of the Woodbury Outlet Mall

I hate shopping.  The only person that I know that hates shopping more than I do is my husband.  This means we go shopping about once a year, when our clothes start getting holes in them.  Since I am the daughter of a former retail manager, I know the good sales are in February, when all the stores are clearing out their stock for a new year.  February at an outlet mall? Double score!

We’d heard from some Chinese tourists that the best outlet mall in America is the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, so we decided to check it out.  Okay, more accurately, I decided to check it out and dragged my husband along (and made him drive.)  Due to his hatred of shopping, he had a long, long list of things he needed, including a wool overcoat.

Overcoat Ferries 5Overcoat Ferries 7Overcoat Ferries 3Overcoat Ferries 10

Woodbury is not in the city, but apparently a lot of people from the city go there, like this woman who randomly started giving us advice (insert New York City accent.)

Overcoat Ferries 11Overcoat Ferries 14

Before we knew it, we were inside an episode of “What Not to Wear.”

Overcoat Ferries 16Overcoat Ferries 20Overcoat Ferries 15Overcoat Ferries 17Overcoat Ferries 19Overcoat Ferries 25Overcoat Ferries 21Overcoat Ferries 24Overcoat Ferries 26Overcoat Ferries 23Overcoat Ferries 28Overcoat Ferries 31Overcoat Ferries 29

11 thoughts on “The Overcoat Fairies of the Woodbury Outlet Mall

  1. Oh, Wormy … If all the best retail sales are in February, on your inside knowledge, why did you wait until March to tell us this? And to go with hubby? By the way, New York City people who butt right in and take over your shopping experience are a pip, are they not? That could have been my Aunt Marion, RIP.

    Also: I am not tagging you in the 5 B&W Post Challenge. It sounds daunting, but because this is WordPress World, the rules are our own. I am putting one black-and-white shot at the end of five of my posts and picking somebody I think will take and post cool black-and-white shots to tag. I think if you ran one of your cartoons in B&W, fabulous. Beaker? Awesome. Edward? There, three are done for you. Anway, link to me in your posts, pick somebody else to make annoyed at you, and there we are. No rush. No time limit. Should you accept, of course. Here’s the one where I tagged you.


    1. Ha! Sorry, Mark. Truth be told, we went in January this year, although February is my preference. I’m just THAT behind on posts. Hubby got me a Wacom for Christmas, which was awesome. The trouble is it’s pretty difficult to learn to use. The software isn’t bad, but learning how to draw (with precision) on a pad while looking at a screen isn’t easy. I’m just starting to get the hang of it. I’ve been posting a lot of Edward posts, because I haven’t had time to do anything else. This took me hours and hours. I’ll look into the B&W challenge.


  2. So funny! Mr. Gibber and I are the same. When he need clothes which he will deny for years first. He makes it holy hell to shop. Being he’s 6 ft 8, he has to try on pants. He hates trying things on. Here’s to hopefully shopping online in the future. Sigh.

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    1. Agreed! My husband is tall and slim and has similar sizing issues. It’s very hard to shop for him. We’ve been trying to find him a coat for over two years, which probably means about two shopping trips. But 6’8″!! I can’t even imagine. Then again, maybe it’s like me trying to find size 10 shoes in China. Maybe I can imagine. 😉

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  3. Ha!– If I recall correctly, you were always Miss Indecisive when it came to shopping for clothes. Well, I don’t blame you. I stopped at 2 second hand stores this past week and picked up 5 items of clothing that I love. $5 each. 🙂 Probably won’t do that again until August!


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