More Threats From Oklahoma (Inspector Leafit T. Cleaver Finds a Clue)

Oh look, it’s another message from Oklahoma!  (It looks like my dad is on to me.)  Perhaps it’s time to take the hostage to a more secure location.  Boston, anyone?

“As Inspector Leafit T. Cleaver examined the crime scene he couldn’t for the life of him understand what he was observing. Body parts of worms, hundreds even thousands, of worms, were lying everywhere and scattered through out the kitchen. Prince Edward’s Cutting Edge surely played some role as worms were skillfully sliced and diced in a manner only the “sharpest” of blades could have extracted.

Inspector Leafit T. Cleaver Finds a Clue

What ominous signs and implications were being presented? Where could so many worms have come from? Is this some ruthless criminal’s calling card? Was Prince Edward trying to leave a clue? Inspector Leafit T. Cleaver smiled to himself as he replayed the valiant fight put up by this decorated veteran with many years of loyal service. Prince Edward had received the purple blade when his tip snapped, prying meat from a frozen tundra. He never once complained even though he bore the lion’s share of the kitchen load. When the summer garden’s produce brought in long days and nights, Prince Edward was the last blade chopping and slicing. Many a hungry kid enjoyed the fruit of his labor.

Inspector Leafit T. Cleaver knew something must be done. No kitchen in America would be safe until this…this slimy thief was brought to justice. Prince Edward’s Cutting Edge was sorely missed, and hearts were grateful that Inspector Leafit T. Cleaver had accepted this high profile case.”


3 thoughts on “More Threats From Oklahoma (Inspector Leafit T. Cleaver Finds a Clue)

    1. Acorn-tree, Mark. This is ALL my dad (except for the title and intro.) He has changed his Facebook profile picture to a picture of Edward Not-So-Sharp at the Statue of Liberty and is periodically posting messages like this to my personal page.


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