We Have a Winner (Sort of) !!!

This is a picture I took the other day at work, but I thought it fit the spirit of the occasion.


While I’m not sure what was in his head at the time, I am declaring Joe Hova* to be our very own winner of the “What’s in the box?” challenge, yesterday.  I really can’t imagine a more perfect answer.  These were the clues:

The Riddle, Part 1:  It’s brilliant but not so sharp.
The Riddle, Part 2:  It’s going places.
The Riddle, Part 3:  Gnomes are so 2001.

This was Joe’s answer:  “It’s a traveling icon of some sort. I can only hope it’s a pelican.

The thing in the box is a “travel icon,” a travel icon like no other.  A travel icon, with a few inherent problems, problems I may need your help remedying.  (What did I steal??)  ‘Til Sunday!

Joe also gets bonus points for the ‘pelican’ video he posted.  If you missed it, click HERE.

PS:  Mark, I was counting on your film buff skills in “The Riddle, Part II and III.”  (The clues reference the same movie. They don’t tell you what’s in the box, but they do tell you why it’s there.)

*Maybe we can call him “Joe without a blog,” right Gibber?  Maybe he should meet Julie.


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