A Plot’s Afoot!

A plan was hatched somewhere east of Kansas City.  It was aided and abetted in Indianapolis by a woman from Northern California who happens to be living in Connecticut (who is actually from New Jersey, but we aren’t telling anyone.)  Later, a critical accomplice was acquired while in the New York City metropolitan area.  The act?  The act was to be committed in Oklahoma.  There is no doubt this is an interstate offense.

If you hadn’t figured out by my whimsically (un)predictable posts, I’m an Aquarius.  That means it’s almost my birthday.  That means it’s time for a riddle.

What do I want for my birthday?

Hint:  It’s brilliant but not so sharp.

Who, me?

9 thoughts on “A Plot’s Afoot!

    1. So close! And yet, so wrong. 1) My husband is a wizard, but he’s already in my pocket. 2) I was originally very confused by this statement. It’s incredibly clever. Unfortunately, this isn’t Beaker. It’s his evil twin (big sister.)


      1. Ah. I tried, Wormy. I think I met the definitions of your riddle, and you might have wanted him in both pockets. And I did recall Beaker’s distinctive bark from that Nano Poblano cartoon, did I not? How was I to know about an evil big twin twin sister, dagnabbit, if you fail to keep me informed. 😉

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