I Have Terrible News

My husband, the DREAM CRUSHER, says that selling Staying Alive Worm merchandise on the internet is not a viable career path for me, given the size of my student loan debt.

The merchandise:


My loan:


CRUSHING!  He also wasn’t crazy about my idea of supplementing my t-shirt and mug income by selling our baby worms at the Jersey City Farmers’ Market.


No, I am afraid I have to get a REAL job.

UPDATE #1: This post was supposed to air in November, but alas, I got that real job and have been somewhat slammed ever since. With Christmas behind us, I’m hoping to be around a little more. We’ll see.

UPDATE #2: I owe it to my “dream-crushing” hubbie to also inform you that he bought me a Wacom tablet for Christmas in support of my “dream” (maybe because he is my proofreader and read this post back in November.)

UPDATE #3: I am totally intimidated by said device and still do most of illustrations on my cell phone. Will I get over this intimidation? We’ll see. Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn Photoshop. Maybe I can add a “terror #3” to my New Year’s resolution bucket list. Wait, I haven’t told you about that yet. Pretend you didn’t read that.


23 thoughts on “I Have Terrible News

  1. The wormy T’s are hysterical and make great conversation pieces. “Is that a rotten chili bean?” “Why do you roll your roaches so long?” “Is that some sort of 5K run for colon cancer or something?”

    Vermies are people, too. They deserve notoriety. But learn Photoshop. Seriously.

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      1. As an avid gardener, I’m pro-vermie. I’ve picked many up off wet asphalt and dumped them into the safe grass on the other side of the bike trail. So many gloves smell of worm.

        Photoshop is terrifyingly wonderful. I suggest just playing with it with no set goal. Just take an old photo, make a digital copy of it, and go to town with the filters and color variations and drawing tools and whatnot. Be the kid with the box of crayons. As soon as you make it fun, not work, you’ll discover stuff faster.

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      1. Just finished a two-tone linen poncho with deep assymetrical open neck yesterday and working on closing the deal on a pair of deep magenta suede pants right now. Then, it’s on to the kimonos.

        I gotta justify staying in from the rain somehow.


    1. I have NOW. I just downloaded it. I’d actually never heard of it, but I use Autodesk/Sketchbook. I just started a trial subscription for Autodesk that came with the Wacom. I actually like some of the features on the free version that came with my phone better than the paid subscription. Since I’m drawing by hand, I don’t need to use Photoshop very often. I could though; it’s a good skill to have. I’m sure I’d yell at my husband (the resident computer nerd) a lot less. 😉

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  2. I had absolutely no idea how I was gonna follow your last fan, so instead I’m just going to help her out, here goes: “Do it! Take her money for your stuff!” Well, I hope that helped her. btw. I love your page.


  3. I’m going to buy your merch when you set up your store, you know. You have my permission to put Captain Poblano out, too, if I get a small slice. 🙂 Oh, wait, you invented Captain Poblano. But I’m The Head. Let’s talk Wormy. I still wanna buy your merch.

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