How to Tell if You Are on a Road Trip

Every family has a road trip ritual.  My dad would never start a road trip without a bag of red seedless grapes sitting on the center console.  It was a necessary requirement.  No grapes, no road trip.  It was as simple as that.  My husband and I are now developing our own rituals, having nothing to do with red seedless grapes.  The following is our ‘winter road trip’ ritual.

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We have this conversation about five times on the way to Kansas or Oklahoma and about five times on the way back to New York.  You know you are almost home when you have had this conversation for the ninth time.

I keep asking; my husband keeps saying no.  We have never stopped at a White Castle.  In fact, I have never eaten at a White Castle.  I’m not sure what I would do if he ever agreed to the proposition.  Even though I have never eaten there, I know I hate White Castle.  That’s because I hate McDonalds, Burger King, Hardee’s, Wendy’s and basically all fast food.  Why do I keep asking to go there?  Morbid curiosity.  I’ve watched Harold and Kumar.  I’ve seen those weird little hamburgers in the grocery story aisle.  I want to know why!  WHY?!!  I’m pretty sure eating one isn’t going to answer that question, but eating a White Castle burger seems as good as any horrible idea.

I do a lot of things I know I’ll hate for the sake of curiosity.  Unfortunately, my husband is not on board with this concept of torture for the sake of knowledge.  So here we go again, “Hey! It’s a White Castle!”


12 thoughts on “How to Tell if You Are on a Road Trip

  1. OK, I love the cute tradition. I can’t stand White Castle, but that is because of the onions on the burgers. M loves them and now lives where there are WCs all around. More for him 🙂

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  2. Speaking from experience, White Castle should not be consumed on road trips unless you want to hurriedly stop at unsavory bathrooms for the next hundred miles. This may be TMI, but they’re called Sliders for a reason.


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