It’s That Time of Year Again!

Four years ago, my husband and I were living with his parents in a Kansas City suburb.  It was the middle of the recession.  I was finishing my thesis; he was looking for his first ‘real’ job, which eventually he found in Charleston, South Carolina.

That February, we packed ourselves, our dog, a giant pot of lemon grass and a makrut lime tree into our thoroughly abused Toyota Corolla and headed to the east coast FOREVER.

On the way, we picked up a tiny puppy on the side of the road from a sketchy-yet-endearing couple somewhere near Greenville, South Carolina.  Cash and dog crates were exchanged (but not addresses) in the parking lot of an abandoned, old restaurant in the pine barrens.

We had no place to live and our puppy was a crazed jumping bean bearing more resemblance to a Tasmanian devil than a dog, but it didn’t matter much. Afterall, we were a family!

We set up camp in a Red Roof Inn in Charleston and put our lemon grass and makrut lime tree on the sidewalk in front of our hotel room. I’m sure we looked insane. Luckily, our neighbors, a bunch of loud, sixty-something Parrotheads in town for a Jimmy Buffet event, had little room to talk. They stayed up all night laughing and drinking beer, blasting Margaritaville. We embraced the madness. I always do, because all good stories are a little mad.

That is the tale of how we became a family of four (two humans, two fur babies), trekking across the country by car.   We’ve been making this crosscountry road trip once a winter, every winter since, usually at Christmas. Caravaning is in my blood.  Every year, my husband swears this is the last year he lets me talk him into driving. (Civilized people hire dog sitters and fly home for the holidays.)  And, every year, we all pile into the car.



7 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year Again!

    1. It really was a bit mad this year, as we both picked up a virus in Oklahoma. 20-hour road trip sick. Woo hoo!

      We usually try to throw in something fun along the way. On the way out to South Carolina, aside from getting a drive-by puppy, we went skiing (I know) and saw the Punch Brothers play in Asheville (the happiest place on earth!) Last year, on the way home from Kansas City, we drove to Chicago in a blizzard. Chicago is not actually on the way to New York, but…I would totally drive 500 miles in a blizzard for a pizza at Pequod’s. This year, I was angling for Pequod’s again. Hubby said no way are we going to Chicago. Instead, we stopped in Indianapolis for his friend’s birthday party, which was a way better choice.


  1. Until a few years ago, travelling was my life, and road trips were the only way to go. Now I don’t go anywhere I can’t walk to and I’m as happy as a clam. From what I’ve read of your blogs, I think you’ll be doing the road trips for quite a while yet. 🙂


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