The Answer is… (drum roll please)


That’s right!  He has requested to go to a SIX-HOUR, German opera.  Exhibit A:  My husband can’t sit through a 90-minute action flick.  Exhibit B:  I have never been to an opera; neither has he.


12 thoughts on “The Answer is… (drum roll please)

  1. I suppose it would be the six hour German Opera. He’s certainly been to one and loves an action flick.
    One twist, last I knew it was supposedly a Danish opera. Dang! I don’t care. They probably were nylons without underwear8(.


  2. Ahaha! I have and I like them but will they have subtitles. I’ve been to French ones with subtitles. I dragged my Hubby once more so my family did at the time. None of us will ever do that again! lol


  3. Well, my hubby is a diehard Wagner fan. He enjoys the entire ring cycle, some 18+ hours of opera over several days. I did this with him once. Note: once. You can sincerely pray he will hate it, unless of course you both love it, in which case save your pennies and sign up for Bayreuth tickets four years in advance, say aufwidersen to Germany, the ring is pricey, and I may have mentioned loooooooonnnnnng!

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  4. I think that is kind of cool, but 6 hours? That is pushing it. Even “Gone With the Wind” was shorter than that and I have trouble caring much after the intermission.


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