Once Upon a Time–Caption Please!

Pics Chris 154

I found this photo.  It was taken 10 years ago.  I don’t know where this is.  I don’t know who any of these people are.  I’m pretty sure there is a story here.  I dare you to tell it.


13 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time–Caption Please!

    1. NEVER! You see, I’m a control freak. I also fix your (very occasional) typos. 😉 It’s not that I don’t trust you. I just don’t trust my family; this is reflected in my default settings. You know, secret identity and all. I missed you all too! Life has knocked the wind out of me, but I am working on getting it back and hope to be around here more soon. I swore this blog would be funny and that I wouldn’t write about anything serious here. In order to write humorous material, I need to not only find the time but also maintain a certain frame of mind. It seems being completely exhausted is not conducive to this frame of mind. 😦


      1. I know, it’s horrible! But the photos are here on Word Press, you just have to click the box in the upper right hand corner. Also, this is a temporary problem, I hope. Thanksgiving in SC, Christmas in KS, husband’s birthday, anniversary, new ‘real’ job that happens to be an hour away, international house guest, way too many Christmas parties… I just need to catch my breath, but I’ll be back.


      2. I will click your page on WP for the instagram fix, Wormy. Thanks for the tip.

        And my goodness, what a large and full plate you have piled up for yourself since the conclusion of Nano Poblano. Makes that little endeavor look like a piece of cake, no. If anyone, you can handle all of these busy pieces. I have faith.


    2. I have been posting on Instagram though. I have a lower bar for the material I post there, so it’s easier to meet that standard. You can see the pictures by clicking the line box in the upper right hand corner on this website, although probably not the commentary. For that, I think you’d need to be on Instagram (link at the bottom of the page.)


  1. Where is my sister were in the middle of Germany I go to find a restroom and now I can’t find her oh there she is taking a picture of some random Chinese guy, at least I’m in it.

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