Life is Like a Box of…?!

I bet you know what today is. It’s Thursday! HAPPY WORM DAY! If you are new, you should know I have a green box of red wigglers decorated like a piñata in my living room. How they got there is another story, but I don’t have time for that today. (If you really need to know,  you can read about it in the Worm Diaries.)

Anyway, I have discovered a disturbing fact. We don’t have nearly as many vegetable scraps to feed the worms as I thought we would. The worms and I appear to be surviving on a 90% coffee bean diet. Worms, like people, are supposed to eat a varied diet. So when I find something besides coffee grinds to feed them (e.g., pumpkin skin), I get pretty excited.


Nano Poblano



5 thoughts on “Life is Like a Box of…?!

  1. When I read your headline I got all excited, Wormy, because I just had to respond Life Is Like a Box of Titleists.

    But then I read your post and decided I do not want to be the guy who messes up the worms’ digestion. Oh, no, not this fella.

    Life Is Like a Box of Green Bean Casserole leftovers! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Hubby and Beaker and Box of Worms, Wormy!

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  2. Caffeinated worms can lead to caffeinated fish and birds, which can lead to…naturally caffeinated foods?

    Hey, I don’t drink coffee but I still need caffeine, so this is a big deal. Think about it!

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