Nostalgia–doing something you know you’ll hate because it reminds you of something you miss.

I do a lot of stupid things in name of nostalgia. This morning I did this.


I hate this stuff; I always have. I had to eat it every morning when I lived in Beijing. I was staying with a young couple for a month, while I was enrolled in a university there. My rent included breakfast and dinner. If I would have realized what breakfast and dinner was going to look like, I wouldn’t have considered that such a good deal. Every morning, I got one package of this stuff, some boiled water and a boiled egg. Every night, I got stir-fried spinach, sometimes with boiled peanuts. I felt a little like Cinderella. I lost a lot of weight.

Anyway, this stuff tastes like charcoal, mixed with saw dust, mixed with gruel. Delicious! It also happens to be a very disturbing black-purple color. But that isn’t going to stop me from eating it–if I’m feeling nostalgic. What is the worst thing nostalgia has ever made you do?

Nano Poblano



3 thoughts on “Nostalgia–doing something you know you’ll hate because it reminds you of something you miss.

  1. Every winter I’ll drive in the blinding snow at least once again. OK, not quite the same thing, Wormy, but the best that I can come up with this second because it’s coming up soon and it does make me ask myself AND WE STILL LIVE HERE WHY?

    That description of your Beijing breakfast and dinner is godawful. You know things are bad when you’re hoping for boiled peanuts as an added bonus, Cinderella.

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