You Can Tell a Fish Head Anything You Want To

This is the story of how I momentarily lost my identity in the seafood aisle at Phil-Am.  I was looking for Chinese chives, which incidentally I never found.  What I did find was this:




Yes, I found myself completely surrounded by fish heads.  Being who I am, I began to smile ever so slightly and took out my phone ever so sneakily.  I had myself a fish head photo op right there in the seafood aisle at Phil-Am.  Should anyone have asked me what I was doing, I was going to tell them I was writing a review of the Filipino grocery story for my food blog, which is true (but this is not it.)  What I wasn’t going to tell them was that I was also planning to text those fish head photos to all of my extended kin, which I proceeded to do.  Afterwards, I began to feel a little bit weird about having done that.  I confided in my husband, which is what I do when I start feeling weird about myself.  This is what he had to say, “Yes, that is kind of weird, but it also seems like something you would do.”  Thanks, hubby!

What I am not telling you is that there is a backstory.  When I was a child, my brothers, my cousins and I used to sing a song called “Fish Heads.”  We sang it all the time.  It was basically our childhood anthem.  So when I saw all those fish heads, I immediately thought of my family and how much I missed them.

All of this thinking about my family got me to thinking about that song.  I wondered where it came from, why we sang it.  I mean — it was a pretty weird song.  I got to prowling around the internet on a quest to discover the truth about my identity.  What I found was pretty disturbing.  What I found was this video*: “Fish Heads” by Barnes & Barnes.


After watching that video, I had these thoughts in the following order:

  1. I had no idea my family was into psychedelics; they always seemed so straitlaced!
  2. Who would teach this song to children?!  (obviously, my uncles)
  3. This song is kind of racist.
  4. My god, what kind of people are we?!

I was sitting in my desk chair having a momentary crisis of identity when it occurred to me.  I knew what kind people we were:  fisherpeople!  My uncles are serious fishermen, and their medium just happens to be fish heads.  I could totally see them, twenty-something, back in 1979, seeing this video and thinking this was the best thing they’d ever seen.  Finally, someone who got them!  I have no idea what they were thinking about the O word back in 1979; I have no idea what anyone was thinking about that back in 1979.  I am pretty sure those lyrics would not pass muster today.  I am also pretty sure I never heard them before seeing this video.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I momentarily lost my identity in the seafood aisle at Phil-Am.  Crisis momentarily averted.  This story is also the inspiration for yesterday’s Badly Drawn Comic: Saturday Afternoons at Our Place.  What makes your family unique?  

*HELP!  If anyone can tell me how to embed a video without having it appear as the featured picture in the WordPress Reader, I will be eternally in your debt.


Nano Poblano



27 thoughts on “You Can Tell a Fish Head Anything You Want To

  1. Oh, those roly poly fish heads, Wormy. So you and the sibs sang this ditty, taught by your uncles. Hmmm. Quite the circus show, commenting back to your backstory … Rest easy. The ‘o’ word was not a slight back in 1979, no indeedy.

    OK, to help you out on the video request. Switch youtube to the non-mobile version. Click the share icon. Click embed. Copy the embed code and paste into your dashboard copy. This should bring the full width YouTube video into your post without making it the featured image. You can still click whichever featured image you prefer on your dashboard. That’s how I handle YouTube videos at my house. If you have any questions, shoot me an email. 🙂

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      1. I tested it again. That is definitely the default, even if you choose a different featured photo. It is really annoying because people will just push the play button on the video in the Reader. They might not even see the post. If the video is not the primary purpose of your post, it sort of ruins everything. This has been driving me crazy. It also reaffirms my decision to follow myself, because that is the only way to see what is actually going on with your posts. Grr…


      2. I do follow myself for that reason, Wormy. But months ago I gave up on my Reader for another reason altogether, since we’re airing frustrations. I got tired of reading somebody’s post, and having the Reader kick back to the start, and I’d have to scroll back down to wherever I was below to continue my perusal of the blogs I followed. So now I get email notifications for every blog I follow and click and read from my inbox. Less time consuming and far less frustrating. But I don’t get to see how my posts look on the Reader unless I go out of my way to check.


    1. Are you sure the video isn’t showing up as your featured image in the WordPress Reader? I’m pretty sure this is what I’ve been doing, and it always uses the video as the featured image for the reader. Interestingly, this doesn’t happen on Facebook or any place else, just in WordPress Reader. I’ve even set a different featured image in an effort to override it, but it doesn’t seem to work.


      1. I have never checked to see if my override on the featured image check box worked. I just assumed, Wormy. That’s a pretty silly default. Sorry that my advice was something that you’ve already been doing. 😦 I was excited that I was going to help.


  2. Sending fish head pics to the family sounds like something I would do too, although I don’t have your interesting backstory to go with it. Thanks for asking the question also, as I’ve had the same problem.

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    1. I would totally have you pegged as a Barnes & Barnes fan. Also, it is pleasure to meet you! Additionally, squirrels are my nemeses. Since you acknowledge their evilness, we can be friends. Finally, as I am sure your are aware, just because something is evil does not mean that it is not also awesome. Wow, there were a lot of “nots” in that sentence. But I have a feeling we are on the same page.


      1. Killer is awesome! A fine representative of the species! A squirrel is not being a proper squirrel if it isn’t being someone’s nemesis!

        It is nice to meet you as well! Thanks for commenting on my blog and luring me over here! I’m not all about squirrels, so you won’t find me to be all bad… unless you have enemies in the unicorn community….

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  3. Fish Heads, that takes me back to the days of my youth listening to Dr. Demento on the radio with my best friend Mike. I was also fond of a “Muskrat Love” parody that went into all the various ways you could cook a Muskrat. Anyway, don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with texting your kin fish head pictures…perfectly normal. Now I must go and see if I can find true muskrat love.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, as you now know the original Muskrat Love is disturbing enough on it’s own. But at least now that you’re familiar with it, the parody will make more sense.

        The years temporarily clouded my memory but I found it, the title is “Hamster Love”. Sorry for the confusion…and I am also very sorry for this:

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