Saturday Afternoons at Our Place

I am somewhat unique.  Fortunately, so is my husband.






Nano Poblano



17 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoons at Our Place

    1. I’m very tempted to just go with it, but you seem like you have an honest face. The truth is, it’s more of a metaphorical circus. My family is colorful, and I wrote a little about them here:

      Also, that is not a stock photo. That is my family. Sitting on a (lice infested?) sofa on the side of the road in the middle of the desert, which is something my family would (obviously) totally do. So you see, circus.

      My family is also very responsible for this comic, specifically the part about the fish. I am going to write about that tomorrow. Although I should warn you, there will be photos, and they might be gross.

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      1. it sounds like you had a fantastic family i love it, my family I never considered normal, always lived eclectically and with eccentric people, that was my reasoning anyway, it makes for a more interesting life and I am sure gives you much of your talent today 🙂 xxx

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