Do you know what I love more than Fridays?

Whale sharks!!!  And Samantha B.  Not that Samantha B.  This one:  Samantha Barrios!  I met her and her fabulous friends on a beach near El Nido in the Philippines on my honeymoon.  It was great fun, and I probably will always remember them.  This photo of Samantha and the whale shark was taken at Whale Shark Point in Oslob, Cebu.  I wasn’t there, but I really, REALLY wish I was.

Shark Whale

Here’s the wind up and the pitch….  These days, there’s only one thing in my life that rivals humor, and that’s ADVENTURE.  I’m having adventures ALL the time.  This is totally possible because I define adventure loosely, and I get really into everything.  I might just stumble onto some random sign in Jersey City that just BLOWS my mind.   It could be blowing your mind too, if you follow my Instagram Feed.  Just click that link or the one at the bottom of the webpage (Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.)  I’m currently neglecting my Instagram Feed, but that will all change as soon as NaBloPoMo is over (which is soon, people, very soon!)  You can expect to find cool pictures like this one.  Don’t think they will always show up on WordPress, because they won’t.  (I try to keep the material on all of my various social media platforms somewhat unique.)  Thanks for listening.


Nano Poblano

NaBloPoMo November 2014


4 thoughts on “Do you know what I love more than Fridays?

  1. I could tell you were the type who liked to be fresh, Wormy! 🙂 Sorry. Sometimes I just can’t help my pun-forming mouth. Adventures are everywhere when you look and have a loose definition of the world. That is a priceless sentence right there, my new friend. 🙂

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