You Thought I Forgot. I didn’t.

You probably thought you’d lucked out, and I’d forgotten about Worm Day.  You’d be wrong.  I just went to Connecticut.  I would never forget about Worm Day.  Worm Day is where I tell you all sorts of things you don’t want to know about worms, with illustrations you don’t want to see.  I wouldn’t miss out on this for the world.  Last week, we learned that worms are hermaphrodites.  That was a lot absorb, so we stopped there.  This is also a lot to absorb:  Although worms are hermaphrodites, they still have sex.  When they do, both worms get knocked up!!!


 I think that’s enough information for this week.  (You look kind of shaken up.)  I should tell you, in name of science, the illustration above is complete bogus.  If you want see what a knocked up worm really looks like, you should check out Herman, the hermaphroditic worm, by clicking HERE.

Nano Poblano

NaBloPoMo November 2014


4 thoughts on “You Thought I Forgot. I didn’t.

  1. I’m hoping I NEVER see a knocked up worm. I’m a city girl. I can hardly stand the coupling on National Geographic and that’s got some whacked seal of approval, doesn’t it? (As a weird aside … no. Not weird. As a regular aside, I weirdly have not one little issue with people sex, so I’m sure I’m some kind of candidate for some kind of therapy.)

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