Mrs. Crawford, thanks for the baton!  I’m linking to both your blogs.  (Wow, she has TWO blogs!)  Holley at Chasing Destino, TAG, you’re it!


  1. Write a paragraph or two about somebody from an ordinary walk of life with an unordinary name. It can either be a true story about somebody you know with that name, or a fictional piece about somebody with a name you made up.
  2. After you’re done posting your story, send me an email to with your Blog Hop II, your blog name and either TRUE STORY or MADE IT UP in the subject line.
  3. Pick another Nano Poblano team member from the home blog roll page and tag them on their About page. Try to spread the wealth around from Fish of Gold’s original blog hop to start, but duplication is OK as the month rolls along.
  4. The writing cutoff is Nov. 28. By the end of Nov. 29, email to me at a list with a guess of TRUE STORY or MADE UP for each post on the blog hop. Put Blog Hop II, Final Guesses in the subject line.
  5. The Nano Poblano team member with the most correct answers wins a special prize, which I will mail to them. That means you will have to email me your address if you win.
  6. Add your link to the chain of writers.
  7. Have fun.


I met this guy a few days ago.  He’s awesome.  He’s always wearing these GREAT glasses!  Every now and then, I see his face.  Every time I see his face, I smile/wince, smile/wince, smile/wince.  I smile because I see his happy face and his GREAT glasses!  I wince because, for some reason, his face is always accompanied by his NAME.  Every time I see his name I get a headache.  It has way, WAY too many consonants.  I can’t even imagine myself pronouncing it, so I don’t.  Instead, I refer to this lovely man as “Captain Poblano,” which also has a lot of consonants, but at least they are in sensible places.  I really feel for Captain Poblano, mostly because I empathize with him.  You see, my name has way, way, WAY too many vowels.  My name without consonants looks like this: aiaaeaoeiai.  My OWN father cannot pronounce my name, so he doesn’t.  Instead, he calls me “Paprika.”

What do you think?  FACT OR FICTION?


Who has contributed so far?

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Nano Poblano


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