Cat vs. Baby


There’s not enough chaos in my life.  I need a new pet!  I’m trying to decide whether to get a cat or a baby.  I’m leaning towards a cat.  Here are the reasons the cat wins.

  1. Your cat will make you famous on the internet.
  2. You will never have to face that time in your cat’s life, when you question your morality for mercilessly mocking it in public. (The internet shelf life of a human baby is approximately 10 years.)
  3. Your cat will probably never demand royalties. If it does, there’s always catnip.

Fish of Gold

NaBloPoMo November 2014


7 thoughts on “Cat vs. Baby

  1. I think my husband and I have been through this debate many times. We’ve finally depleted our resources. Each year we’ve been married we have gotten a new pet and well, I’m afraid we’ve reached a dead end. We now have two cats and two dogs. If we get anymore, I’m sure that is animal hoarding!
    Baby fever is among us, well, me.

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  2. Get the cat, for practice when the baby arrives, then a dog to appreciate loyalty you will have with your children if you have more than one, and after the children have moved on, and you become a empty nester, you can enjoy the peacefulness and reconsider what type of animal you want until the grand-children arrive.

    I prefer a cat, they are more self sufficient, no walking the dog or letting the dog out for a wee.

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