Happy Worm Day, Everybody!

T.B.T. would be the rational way to deal with Thursdays during NaBloPoMo.  However, that would be way too predictable for the L.M.W. branding.  Thus, I declare Thursday to be worm day.  Happy Worm Day!  Did you know that worms are hermaphrodites?


PS:  I’ve defected and joined Team Pepper, for obvious reasons.

Fish of Gold

NaBloPoMo November 2014


4 thoughts on “Happy Worm Day, Everybody!

  1. Ahahaha! Love it! Your intended picture showed up in my reader on my laptop. I have no idea what goes on with WP on tablets and phones and things – I never use them online because everything is too small. 😛
    In my experience, the first picture in a post shows up in the reader. But that goes way back – meaning last week which, for the speed WP changes things, is waaay back. Haha.
    Anyway, glad you got it sorted out! 🙂

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