A Hairy Hello!

Hi!  This is me.


This is my family.


We live in the Big Apple’s hairy armpit (otherwise known as the Garden State.)


We hope that you will continue to think of us in this way (as a big hairy armpit) so that we may continue to enjoy inexplicably low rent a mere mile from downtown Manhattan.  I’d like to thank Jon Stewart (start at 2:30, PG13) for his continued contributions to our bad reputation.  Please ignore the New York Times and Moby.  (They have no idea what they are talking about.)  It REALLY isn’t that great here!

NaBloPoMo November 2014


6 thoughts on “A Hairy Hello!

    1. Ha! I like to choose my locations based on trashy reality TV shows. So far, I’ve lived in at least three such places. Confession, I’m not a native; I’m a (recent) transplant. Prior to moving here, everything I knew about New Jersey I learned from Jon Stewart. Perhaps because of that, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. People here are a little more down to earth than on the other side of the river. I love the diversity and lack of airs. I was surprised to learn that New Jersey has snooty suburbs, decent beaches and good places to go camping and hiking. For example, Princeton is beautiful and downright snobby, which I guess is no surprise. I actually like the gritty parts too. I love an underdog! My only regret is that I would like to spend more time in the City. We are working to remedy that.


  1. I dig your ‘do!
    Born in Brooklyn, raised on Lawn Guyland, I know it’s all just one big tri-state area as the car dealer commercials tried to tell me, worm keeper. Or how about “Palisades Amusement Park, swings all day and after dark …”


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