Love, Lovey, Dovey

Perhaps I should have taken Dexter’s favorite summer snack (sun dried sidewalk worms) into consideration before adopting these little guys.  On a similar note, perhaps I should have also taken into consideration the fact that I HATE worms.  My house is yours, worms!  Love, Lovey, Dovey.  #anythingfortheworms

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19 thoughts on “Love, Lovey, Dovey

      1. We looked at an Italian greyhound. It was a complete nutcase. Although it was in a pet shop so it didn’t get much exercise/attention, but seriously, it didn’t care that we were there, it just ran about bouncing off the walls the entire time we had it in the viewing room. :/ We ended up with a chihuahua that looks like a black and tan doberman. He had the opposite personality. He was perfectly happy snuggling in your lap.

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      2. That sounds about right! Was it a puppy? When we brought Dex (this guy) home, he was 12 weeks and so nuts. So am I, so it worked out. 😉

        Seriously, though, he was a somebody’s mad science project, a combination of a piranha and a Tasmanian devil. He was so ADD he couldn’t even eat. He would pick up a kibble throw it across the room, chase it, pick it up and then chomp it up really dramatically on the other side of the room. He did that for the entire bowl, every day. He couldn’t sit still. It would have killed him. Emma, our oldest, was so grumpy for 6 months. He crawled all over her day and night, chomping on her ears and legs. But, you know what? After 6 months, he calmed down and started to sleep. He’s a total lap dog now, such a snuggler and so loyal! You wouldn’t know he was the same dog.


      3. HA! My chihuahua kicks his bowl to make the kibble fall out, then he eats it off the floor, repeating the process till it doesn’t come out when he kicks it. Never seen a dog eat that way before! Although since he started getting fat, we had to cut back on his food, so now he is STARVING and has to eat right out of the bowl sometimes…


  1. I noticed that I commented on this post once already, and when I did so I meant to direct you to my own vermicomposting articles (as a fellow wormer), but instead I gave you a link to my main page, and I’ve also noticed that in the pages on my site that you have visited it appears you have yet to find the vermicomposting articles. So just in case you are interested, I thought I would direct you to the correct page this time over at “Vancouver Vermicomposting“. After all, us vermicomposters have to stick together.


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