Bizarr-o Elephant Bug

Bizarr-o Elephant Bug

This little elephant is on our piano.  Every time I see it, I think: “What the heck is up with this elephant?”  But after that, I think of the young woman who gave it to me, a Bulgarian from Charleston.  (Yes, I know, just go with it.)  She was a beautiful old soul, staring down a 50 foot stone wall with nothing but a little chisel and a smile.  I think about how, often, we don’t choose our path; it chooses us.  About how life weathers us, like pebbles in a stream.  I think about how we feel the pressure, but we don’t always see how beautiful we are becoming.  And, perhaps because this elephant is so perfectly ridiculous, for a moment, it opens my mind just wide enough to believe in miracles.  I know she still out there, with that little chisel, and the wall is about to crack.


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